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Online Wallet or eWallet is a fast way of online payment, recently developed on the internet, allowing users to quickly pay goods and servants. Basically, you open an account with such sites using own e-mail that will be the reference for send or receive money. Ideal for sending money to bookmakers, sending money is free and immediate, also it allows you to use your money in different currencies.





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...these services are replacing the use of traditional bank account or credit cards.
As mentioned earlier, they are not charged in most cases, the sending of money is instant and you can connect a credit card (usually MasterCard) that is emitted from eWallet website, it comes right to your door at a cost of 10$ and you will not have annual costs of management, so even if you do not have a bank account you can have a credit card known as MasterCard or Visa.
What is needed to open an account?
1) A valid e-mail address: After registration, you must confirm a link that arrives in your mailbox.
2) A copy of your passport or ID Card: It is used to verify your identity.
3) Sometimes it prompted even a cell phone number.

Very easy right? Now your account is opened you can receive money by other account holders or charge your account by your self.
How to charge your account?
Before you can use your eWallet account, you need to make sure there’s money in. And with instant and non-instant options for their members in every region, getting money into your account couldn’t be easier.

1) You can make a bank transfer from your bank to your eWallet account.
2) You can charge it by credit cards.
3) Often you can use even a bank check.
4) By receiving money from another holding account.
5) If you possess the Bitcoin you can charge your account with them.
6) Often prepaid cards (Ukash, Paysafecard) are accepted.
Why use a crypto eWallet account at Bookmakers?
1) Because you have no fees to send or receive money.
2) Because the money transfer is immediate.
3) Because a crypto eWallet account allows you to send money in different currencies.*

The last point (3) is very important for those people who live in countries where their currency is not accepted to bookmakers. In fact, eWallet account works as a currency exchange, in practice you charge Russian Rubles (by your bank or credit card) and it converts them into US Dollars, Euros, GB Pounds, etc.., so you can use them to bet online at bookmakers.
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